A fansite dedicated to Richmal Crompton's irrepressible schoolboy

All About William

William Brown was created by the British author Richmal Crompton in 1919. Since then, he has survived a world war, the cold war and myriad cultural changes to remain the most popular boy in fiction. The William books span almost half a century, and depict the life of a schoolboy in the English countryside.

Though the books in the Just William series are publicized as children's books, they are an entertaining read for all ages. In fact, I would say that this is a series of children's books for adults. Some of the language and references used in the stories will be understood by only a few precocious eleven-year-olds.

If you have never read a William story, and have stumbled upon this site by accident, its your lucky day. The William books may not be easily available in your corner of the world, but you can start off by reading "More William" for free at the Project Gutenberg website. And once you have had a taste of William, I am sure you will want to keep on reading!

For those of you already acquainted with William Brown, this site will attempt to satisfy your curiosity about the books with a complete story index and short summaries for each story as well. Please explore the different sections of this site to satiate your thirst for all things William.

Finally, this site will permanently be a work in progress, so check back often to see updates. Currently, I have finished seven books, but with thirty-one more to go, any help is always appreciated. Please see the contributions page for details.