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I read my first William book (William – The Conqueror) when I was nine, and since then have been reading more Williams as soon as I could get my hands on them. Over time, I wound up with quite a collection of the William books, but I changed countries for my education, and twelve time zones currently separate me and my books.
William and Mouse
This idea for this website was conceived in May of 2005, when I had just finished collaborating on an Enid Blyton website (see here), and discovered that there were very few online resources for William-lovers. I decided to remedy this, and Just – William was born after three days of intense but exhilarating work.

There are websites out there that deal with various aspects of William, but no one-stop page where ardent fans can check out all the facets. Most importantly, I did not find any websites with summaries for each William story. While originality was abundant in Richmal Crompton’s story ideas and language, she was, shall we say, a trifle unimaginative as regards the titles. Consider, for instance, the title William the Showman. There are at least three different stories in three different books under the same name. So, if I want to recall a specific occurrence, such as Henry with the placard “GENWIN GIANT”, it is not easy to associate it with a particular story, and then with a book.

This website will (eventually) have chapter summaries for each of the 38 William books, as well key illustrations from each story to help jog your mind. Besides, I plan to add short character introductions about all the major and a few minor characters to help you connect personages and incidents like “the bully girl who locked up William”.

William on horseI don’t have all my books with me, and the memories of some of them are so vague that I may end up with an incorrect summary. So, I am holding on such books till then. However, there are legions of William fans out there, and any help in updating this site – through reviews, summaries, illustrations or trivia – is greatly appreciated. Some of you may have better access to the books, and can help in speeding up the process of making this site truly comprehensive. All contributions will be duly acknowledged. Thanks!

Lastly, a disclaimer: This website is an unofficial fansite dedicated to the William Brown universe created by Richmal Crompton. I do not own any of the characters, storylines, images or trademarks used. All the content used is from the public domain, and no profit motive is intended. The design, reviews and summaries are all original, and may not be used without giving proper credit.

For questions, contributions or comments, please drop us a note.

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