The Show

Unsure what to do to relieve their boredom, the Outlaws decide to hold an animal show, charging money for the local children to see it – this occur concurrently with the potentially long-term stay of the ill Aunt Emily in the Brown’s household, another cross for Mr. Brown to bear. When the motley bunch of ‘animals’ (example: a blue dog – Henry’s dog painted blue) are exhibited, they are in danger of disappointing their audience. That is, until Aunt Emily’s snores are heard from the room next door. Ever the entrepreneur, William charges extra to see the “Fat Wild Woman Torkin Natif Langwidge”. Unfortunately, she wakes up, sees the children, and promptly leaves the Brown’s, outraged at her treatment by William. Mr. Brown reprimands William publicly – but secretly hands him a half-crown as a thank you.

Originally featured in Home Magazine July 1919


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