One of the main reasons I created this site was because there was a lack of content on the internet about the William books. However, there were a few sites online that I found after exhaustive searches. They all feature unique aspects of the William universe. Unfortunately, some of these sites have gone offline and their content has gone with them. If you are the owner of a defunct website mentioned below and would like to display your content, I would be happy to host it for you.
Very informative site with loads of stuff of interest to collectors. Interesting trivia too. A nice set of original book covers.

20th Century Books
A goldmine for collectors, lots of original books and ephemera on offer

The Just William Society
The official website of the Just William Society, started by Richmal Crompton’s niece, Richmal Ashbee. Not much content at the moment, but it has membership details.

Sharp Software
A nice website with information on buying William in different forms, from books to audio.

David Schutte
David Schutte’s website with a listing of collectors’ editions. He also publishes the Just – William plays.

Just William’s Games Emporium
A website from the son of William Graham who played William in the 1940’s films. A nice tribute section with photographs and clippings.

Fantastic Fiction
Mostly the usual stuff, but it also has a bibliography and almost all Macmillan covers.

Historical Clothing
A page with critical analysis of Richmal Crompton and William with respect to historical clothing. The images are unfortunately password protected.

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