William And The Smuggler

The Brown’s are on a seaside holiday, without some of William’s beloved items, such as a punchball on a stand that he had wanted to bring. In William’s beach hut, a man named Percival Jones, staying at the Brown’s boarding-house and who has his eye on Ethel, rejects William’s storytelling charms. William manages to make a girl, Peggy, sick, by making her eat seaweed, but she returns, despite her mother’s anger at William, and the pair decide to go hunting for smugglers. Percival Jones is attempting to throw some cigars and brandy to the waves, as he feels he must remain clean to woo Ethel. William threatens Jones with a fake rifle, ties him up and takes him back to the boarding-house, where, disgusted at his treatment, he leaves. William’s father is far from mad – due to his dislike of Mr. Jones, he feels almost affectionate towards William, seeing as he was the cause of the departure.

Originally featured in Home Magazine February 1920

“We’ve caught you smuggling!” William said severely.

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