The Helper

William’s family is moving house. Having a one-day holiday from school William decides to help, despite his mother’s best entreaties. The lazy removers appear, William covering up his accidents by explaining, “Things do get broken removin’”. When the big pieces of furniture are removed, both the house and the items themselves are damaged somewhat. After the final item, the piano, is placed in the van, it turns out William is trapped inside, thereby necessitating the piano’s removal. William then ‘borrows’ Ethel’s red silk scarf in order for him to eat a real removal-mans lunch, much to Ethel’s chagrin. Upon reaching the new house, the removal men can’t get in, so William decides to climb down the chimney and open the front door from inside. When his mother appears at dusk, William finally manages to get off the roof, having got stuck (or scared…). William considers himself to have “jolly well helped to-day!”

Originally featured in Home Magazine April 1920

William’s jersey was torn from shoulder to hem. He looked stern and indignant.

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