William’s Burglar

William meets a “Mr. Blank”, a burglar, and promptly falls in love with his way of life, happily telling the man all about his mother’s jewellery. Meeting him again, William takes him home, letting him climb in the library window. At that moment, William is called to tea with a visitor, wannabe-socialite, Mrs. de Vere Carter, and a Mr. Lewes, a magazine editor. When Mr. Blank is accidentally spotted, Mrs. de Vere Carter realizes she can show him sympathy and thereby get into Mr. Lewes’ magazine. Leaving with his booty Mr. Blank returns and goes to look upstairs. Mr. Brown then arrives and describes the robbery of a friend – one of the robbers fitting Mr. Blank’s description. Mrs. de Vere Carter realizes her mistake, and seeing William helping Mr. Blank they assume he was trying to stop the “ruffian” – with William getting five shillings as a reward from his father.

Originally featured in Home Magazine September 1919

“Did you”—said William in a sibilant whisper—”Did you ever kill anyone?”

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