William agrees to bring some cream blancmange from his parent’s party to the little girl next door, as a change to her usual hated meal of rice-mould. William isn’t allowed to the party, despite his arguments (sabotaging one of their table decorations by taking a bite out of every one of the pears arranged neatly in a pile on the sideboard). He manages to hide in the larder where the blancmange is being kept. Attempting to escape with his bounty by hiding it under his coat, he meets his father, but manages to keep his discovery from him and heads next door. Fairly soon his father discovers William’s little trick having slipped on a piece of the blancmange, and calls the boy back in – but not before William discovers that he’s actually brought the little girl some of her hated rice-mould by mistake.

Originally featured in Home Magazine February 1919

William leant back in a superior, benevolent manner and watched the smile freeze upon her face and her look of ecstasy change to one of fury

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