The Tapes

William has been brought to life on the radio in various incarnations over the years. Below is a guide to his numerous appearances on the wireless.


Just William

Described by the Daily Telegraph as ‘the wizard of the talking book’, Martin Jarvis has made the voices of William and his gang of outlaws his own in these marvellous readings. Roar with laughter as the lovable rogue, hampered by the loathsome Violet Elizabeth, wreaks havoc in this ever-popular series of stories. ‘There’s nothing to touch them’. (Independent on Sunday)

The Christmas Truce, Only Just In Time, The Midnight Adventure of Miss Montague, William and the Musician, William Leads a Better Life, William and the Twins, William’s Birthday, William and the Little Girl, The Outlaws and Cousin Percy, William and the Princess Goldilocks

CD Release Date: (ISBN 0563478217/ 978-0563478218)


Just William 2

The Sweet Little Girl in White, A Birthday Treat, The Outlaws and the Triplets, A Bit of Blackmail, William Makes a Night of It, The Leopard Hunter, William and the Lost Tourist, The New Neighbour, William the Philanthropist, William and the Prize Cat

2 hours 30 minutes

Cassette Release Date: 5/11/1990 (ISBN 0563411244)

CD Release Date: 2/06/2003 (ISBN 0563494344 / 978-0563494348


Just William 3

William Holds the Stage, William and the School Report, All the News, Aunt Arabelle in Charge, William’s Goodbye Present, William The Salvage Collector, William’s Day Off, Entertainment Provided, William and the Brains Trust, William and the Bomb

2 hours 30 minutes

Cassette Release Date: 3/8/1992 (ISBN 0563407689)

CD Release Date: 2/06/2003 (ISBN 0563494417 / 978-0563494416


Just William 4

Welcome to Just William 4!

“My ol’ pal William Brown is driven by the classic motives of “koin’ good”, “rightin’ wrongs” and the
pursuit of happiness for all. Of course, his noble intentions are often (hilariously) thwarted… Here he is, undiminished, in twelve superb stories which I have much enjoyed choosing for you. My only problem has been in trying to stop laughing and carry on recording.
Listen out for that lisping six-year-old feminist Violet Elizabeth Bott. And the oily Hubert Lane. Listen too, for the sardonic Mr Brown, the long-suffering Mrs Brown, the faithful Outlaws plus some extraordinary characters you may not have encountered. But most of all, jus’ listen out for that timeless lateral thinker, William Brown himself.

I’ll be right there with you…” Martin Jarvis.

William Goes Shopping, Violet Elizabeth Runs Away, William and the Real Laurence, The Outlaws and the Hidden Treasure, William and the Fairy Daffodil, The Best Laid Plans, Mrs Bott’s Hat, William Starts the Holidays, William Plays Santa Claus, William and the Snowman, Revenge is Sweet, William and the Black Cat

2 hours 45 minutes

Cassette Release Date: 4/7/1994 (ISBN 0563394544)

CD Release Date : 19/04/2004 (ISBN 0563524960 / 978-0563524960)


Just William 5

Martin Jarvis, whose Radio 4 Just WIlliam readings have become classics in their own right, entertains us once again with twelve stories which were made into a successful BBC TV series.

As always he brings to vivid life not just the ever-resourceful William himself but also his friends, The Outlaws, long-suffering family and a wealth of other memorable characters.

William and the Russian Prince, William’s Busy Day, William The Great Actor, William and the White Elephants, Finding a School for William, William’s Birthday, William Clears The Slums, Parrots for Ethel, William’s Truthful Christmas, Boys Will Be Boys, William and the Ebony Hair-Brush, William and the Old Man in the Fog

2 hours 55 minutes

Cassette Release Date: 6/4/1998 (ISBN 0563557974)

CD Release Date: 21/06/2004 (ISBN 0563524227/ 978-0563524229)


Just William 6

That Boy, The Bishop’s Handkerchief, William and Uncle George, The Haunted House, William and St Valentine, April Fool’s Day, Not Much, The Cure, William’s Wonderful Plan, The Outlaws and the Penknife, William the Reformer, William’s New Year’s Day

2 hours 50 minutes

Cassette Release Date: 7/9/1998 (ISBN 0563557230)

CD Release Date: 17/01/2005 (ISBN 0563525428/ 978-0563525424


Just William 7

Now as famous on radio and audio as they are in print, the adventures of that irrepressible and ageless schoolboy William Brown have been delighting both young and old for decades. Perpetually scruffy, mud-stained, and mischievous, he is a lovable scamp whose pranks usually end in disaster, for his harassed elders at least. With friends Ginger, Douglas, and Henry (The Outlaws), and the angelic, lisping, thorn-in-his-side Violet Elizabeth Bott, William has rightly joined the literary, and radio, immortals.

Aunt Florence and the Green Woodpecker, The Plan That Failed, William and the Begging Letter, A Question of Exchange, William and the Temporary History Master, The Outlaws and the Tramp, A Few Dogs and William, The Outlaws and the Missionary, William the Good, William and the Young Man, William and the Spy, William and the Badminton Racket

2 hours 56 minutes

Cassette Release Date: 2/10/2000 (ISBN 0563477466)

CD Release Date: 31/03/2005


Just William 8

William Turns Over a New Leaf, William and Dear Little Peter, William and the Waxwork Prince, William and the White Cat, William and Photography, The Great Detective, The Fete – and Fortune, The Weak Spot, The Outlaws Go a-Mumming, William’s Double Life, William to the Rescue, William the Film Star

2 hours 50 minutes

Cassette Release Date: 4/11/2002 (ISBN 0563528389)

CD Release Date: 4/11/2002 (ISBN 0563528397 / 978-0563528395


Just William 9

William the Rat Lover, William the Showman, William and the Monster, William the Persian, The New Game, William and the Love Test, The Cat and the Mouse, Waste Paper Wanted, William the Globe Trotter, William and the Prize Pig, A Present from William, A Night of Mysteries

2 hours 47 minutes

CD Release Date: 07/06/2004 (ISBN 0563524863/ 978-0563524861)


Just William 10

This title contains ten fantastic “Just William” stories, read by Martin Jarvis. ‘Martin Jarvis’ recordings of Richmal Crompton’s “Just William” stories are works of genius’ – “Independent”. The adventures of that irrepressible and ageless schoolboy, William Brown have been delighting both young and old for decades. In this welcome new collection, performed by ‘the wizard of the talking book’ Martin Jarvis, the heroically optimistic William and his faithful Outlaws embark on more intrepid adventures, and once again find themselves pitted against the fearsome wiles of their lisping nemesis, Violet Elizabeth Bott. The five stories on CD 1 are all from “Just William Doin’ Good”, while the five on CD 2 were adapted by Martin Jarvis from “Violet Elizabeth’s Party” (from the collection “William and the Witch”) and “William the Matchmaker” (from “Still William”.) They were originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2007 under the overall title “Just William Strikes Again”.

William and the Chinese God, William and the League of Perfect Love, Fireworks Strictly Prohibited, William the Psychiatrist, William joins the Waits, Just William Strikes Again (Violet Elizabeth takes control, William – The Dear Little Boysie, William’s Brilliant Plan, The Outlaws and Aunt Jo, Violet Elizabeth’s Special Party)

2 hours 14 minutes

CD Release Date: 3/9/2007 (ISBN 0563504595/ 978-0563504597)


Just William’s Greatest Hits

This title features seventeen favourite stories about the irrepressible William Brown, specially selected and read by Martin Jarvis. Whether a long-standing fan or a first time listener, this collection of stories is the ultimate “Just William” audio experience. With over four hours of laugh-out-loud stories, including two stories performed to a live audience, “Just William’ Greatest Hits!” is the perfect entertainment for the whole family. Boring car journeys are a thing of the past! Along with the live stories are Martin Jarvis’ personal reflections of recording “Just William”, giving the listener a true ‘behind the scenes’ insight into how he brings those marvellous characters to life. This is the perfect gift for the “Just William” fan, whether young or old.

The Midnight Adventure of Miss Montague (JW1), The Outlaws and Cousin Percy (JW1), A Bit of Blackmail (JW2), William and the Bomb (JW3), William and the Snowman (JW4), Violet Elizabeth Runs Away (JW4), William and the Real Laurence (JW4), Finding a School for William (JW5), William’s Truthful Christmas (JW5), The Haunted House (JW6), William and the Begging Letter (JW7), William and the Badminton Racket (JW7), A Question of Exchange (JW7), The Weak Spot (JW8), William the Rat Lover (JW9), The Sweet Little Girl in White (JW2), William and the Princess Goldilocks (JW1)

CD Release Date: 4/9/2006 (ISBN 1846071895/ 978-1846071898)


Just – William

Martin Jarvis reads an unabridged version of Richmal Crompton’s first novel about the rascally schoolboy William. “There is only one William. This tousle-headed, snub-nosed, hearty, loveable imp of mischief has been harassing his unfortunate family for over 20 years. He’s as famous over radio as he is in print. His name is a byword for irrepressible boyhood. His pranks are the scrapes of every healthy youngster, recorded with keen observation and an even keener sense of humour by one of our brightest writers. He is– just William!” –From the jacket of an edition from the 1940s. Martin Jarvis has read Just William stories for many years for BBC radio, and many of his abridged readings are available from BBC Radio Collection. This is the first time an unabridged reading of the first novel has been released.

William Goes to the Pictures, William the Intruder, William Below Stairs, The Fall of the Idol, The Show, A Question of Grammar, William Joins the Band of Hope, The Outlaws, William and White Satin, William’s New Year’s Day, The Best Laid Plans, “Jumble”

4 hours 50 minutes

CD Release Date: 2/6/2003 (ISBN 1855490579/ 978-1855490574)


More William

This work features fourteen classic stories about the irrepressible William, read by Martin Jarvis. ‘Martin Jarvis’ recordings of Richmal Crompton’s “Just William” stories are works of genius’ – “Independent”. These hilarious stories follow twelve months in the life of the terror of the Brown family, starting on Christmas Day – when the centipede appears on Aunt Evangeline’s plate, the library clock is found mysteriously dismantled and the conjuring trick with the egg goes disastrously wrong. Mayhem and misadventure go on to follow William for the rest of the year, as he leaves a trail of havoc behind him – with the very best of intentions. This collection includes the very first “William” tale.

A Busy Day, Rice Mould, William’s Burglar, The Knight at Arms, William’s Hobby, The Rivals, The Ghost, The May King, The Revenge, The Helper, William and the Smuggler, The Reform of William, William and the Ancient Souls, William’s Christmas Eve

5 hours 2 minutes

CD Release Date: 11/9/2008 (ISBN 140840091X/ 978-1408400913)


William Again

Life is unendurable. William and Ginger, faithful allies, are in a state of bankruptcy – without even enough money to buy some sweets. But then William has a brilliant idea. They could always try selling Ginger’s twin cousins as slaves …Whether he attempts to be a great detective, a shipwrecked mariner or a slave trader, William’s best plans often go inexplicably awry – but sometimes gloriously right! The scourge of cats, aunts and all who like a quiet life, here comes William Again. Martin Jarvis has made the voices of William and his gang of outlaws his own in these marvellous readings. Roar with laughter as the lovable rogue wreaks havoc in this ever-popular series of stories.

What Delayed the Great Man, The Cure, That Boy, William the Reformer, Not Much, William and the White Cat, William’s Secret Society, The Native Protégé, Just William’s Luck, The Great Detective, The Circus, William Sells the Twins, William’s Helping Hand, William Gets Wrecked

6 hours 5 minutes

CD Release Date: 31/10/2005 (ISBN 0563510102/ 978-0563510109)


William’s Happy Days

“William’s Happy Days” is a vibrant recording offering truly memorable laugh-out loud entertainment for all the family featuring the legendary, lateral thinking William Brown. All Martin Jarvis’ exclusive “Just William” recordings for CSA & Canongate are complete and unabridged, just as Richmal Crompton wrote them.

William and the School Report, William Goes Shopping, William’s Birthday, The Christmas Truce, William and the Cow, The Outlaws and the Hidden Treasure, William the Superman, William Helps the Cause, William and the Twins, William Puts Things Right

6 hours 22 minutes

CD Release Date: 12/03/2007 (ISBN 1904605923/ 978-1904605928)


William the Pirate

William Brown, the loveable rogue created by Richmal Crompton in the 1930s, is as well-received and enjoyed today as he was almost 80 years ago. This recording is read by Martin Jarvis, and comprises all 11 stories from the book of the same name. Listings: William and the Musician – William comes to the rescue when the entertainer booked for a major local party fails to turn up; “William Holds the Stage” – William is “Hamlet’s” understudy in a special production of “Hamlet” and is determined to play the part come what may; “The Outlaws and the Triplets”; William and the Eastern Curse; “The New Neighbour”; Mrs. Bott’s Hat; “William and the Princess Goldilocks” – William goes to the pantomime and falls in love with Princess Goldilocks, but the course of true love never runs smooth; Their Good Resolution; “Aunt Arabelle in Charge”; William’s Invention; and A Little Affair of Rivalry.

William and the Musician, William Holds the Stage, The Outlaws and the Triplets, William and the Eastern Curse, The New Neighbour, Mrs Bott’s Hat, William and the Princess Goldilocks, Their Good Resolution, William’s Invention, Aunt Arabelle in Charge, A Little Affair of Rivalry

6 hours 10 minutes

CD Release Date: 16/04/2008 (ISBN 1906147108/ 978-1906147105)


William’s Treasure Trove

It’s the beginning of the summer holidays and William and the Outlaws see an endless expanse of gloriously carefree days stretching ahead – but how to fill them …?

‘Hilarious’ – “Bournemouth Daily Echo”. ‘…ageless stories full of adventures …will delight entire families’ – “Daily Express”.

William and the Holiday Centre, William’s Treasure Trove, William and the Cottage, William Tackles the Job, William and Detective Journalism, William and the Parson’s Guy

4 hours 15 minutes

CD Release Date: 7/1/2010 (ISBN 1408400936/ 978-1408400937)


Just William’s Luck

In this full-length “Just William” novel, William and the Outlaws decide to form the Knights of the Square Table, ‘rightin’ wrongs’ for a minor fee (‘Small wrongs: sixpence. Big wrongs: one shillin’). In their quest to earn enough money to become tramps, they stop at no amount of do-gooding, embarking on a plan to marry off their older brothers. William becomes a veritable Don Juan as he woos a visiting film star for his brother (much to the surprise and annoyance of his brother’s girlfriend). Soon the gang have planned a midnight haunting to scare off old monkey face from the big house on the hill – after all, where else will they find a home for the happy young couple? Martin Jarvis portrays the whole gang in this riotous comedy that leaves William teetering on the brink of disaster and success…

2 hours

Cassette Release Date: 17/11/1988 (ISBN 056338901X)

Written in 1948 and made into a popular film the same year, Just William’s Luck is the only novel Richmal Crompton wrote featuring her famous hero. The action takes place throughout one extraordinary day in William’s life. It begins harmlessly enough in the old barn and soon develops into a riotous comedy-thriller as the invincible schoolboy hatches a plot to marry off the elder brothers of The Outlaws. All Crompton’s celebrated characters are here: Ginger, Douglas and Henry, the long-suffering Brown family, oily Hubert Lane and six-year-old control-freak Violet Elizabeth Bott. And leading the way, that timeless righter of wrongs – the incomparable William Brown himself.

CD Release Date: 4/6/2009 (ISBN 1408400928/ 978-1408400920)


Just William: Live On Stage

Martin Jarvis performs two full-length William stories, live on stage at the Cheltenham Festival.

‘Sweet Little Girl in White’ – Having reluctantly declared, to the kiss-hungry Violet Elizabeth Bott, that he likes all little girls and would in fact like to be a little girl, William now has to square this with the Outlaws. Meanwhile, Violet Elizabeth takes to boys’ games with gusto – and is soon the sweet little girl in not-so-white-at-all…

‘William and the Princess Goldilocks’ – Finding himself uncharacteristically besotted with a young pantomime heroine, William elects to pay her hotel a visit. However, he becomes embroiled with the stern Mr Medway who has mistaken William for his young nephew Trevor. As one fib leads inevitably to another, William does eventually find his princess – but is she as lovely as he remembers?

Alongside these sparkling enactments, Martin Jarvis talks about his long association with ‘Just William’ and answers questions from the audience at the Everyman Theatre.

Cassette Release Date: 5/2/2001 (ISBN 0563478489)

CD Release Date: 5/2/2001 (ISBN 0563535091/ 978-0563535096)


Just William Live On Stage 2

Martin Jarvis performs two full-length William stories, ‘The Lost Tourist’ and ‘The Leopard Hunter’, recorded live on stage at the Cheltenham Festival in 2003. Described by the Daily Telegraph as ‘the wizard of the talking book’, Martin Jarvis has made the voices of William and his gang of outlaws his own in BBC Radio Collection’s series of marvellous readings.

The Lost Tourist, The Leopard Hunter

Cassette Release Date: 5/4/2004 (ISBN 0563524901)

CD Release Date: 5/4/2004 (ISBN 0563524952/ 978-0563524953)


Just William – Home for the Holidays

12 unabridged stories from the book What’s Wrong With Civilizashun

My Summer Holiday, What’s Wrong with Civilizashun, The Job I’d Like Best, Commonsense About Holidays, School is a Waste of Time!, My Day in London, Something Like a Change!, I’ll Tell You What’s Wrong with Christmas, Home for the Holidays, William’s Christmas Presents, Christmas Day with William, New Year’s Day

Cassette Release Date: May 1994 (ISBN 1873859333)

CD Release Date: 31/12/1999 (ISBN 1901768538/ 978-1901768534)


 Just William at Christmas

In this collection of six full-length Christmas stories we encounter the irrepressible William Brown as an unlikely carol-singer, a pantomime-bear, Arab chief and conjurer. And between being mistaken for a Martian and becoming a burglar, William provides his family, friends (an many assorted aunts) with a Christmas they’ll never forget. Neither will you…As William himself would say, ‘Happy list’nin’!’

William Joins the Carol Singers, A Busy Day, William All the Time, William’s Christmas Eve, The Outlaws Fetch the Holly, A Present from William

CD Release Date: 16/10/2003 (ISBN 1904605028/ 978-1904605027)


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