William Comes to Town (1948 Film)

Also known as William at the Circus

89 minutes


William Graham (William Brown); Garry Marsh (Mr. Brown); Jane Welsh (Mrs. Brown); Hugh Cross (Robert Brown); Kathleen Stuart (Ethel Brown); Muriel Aked (Emily); A.E.Matthews (Minister for Economic Affairs); Brian Weske (Henry); James Crabbe (Douglas); Brian Roper (Ginger); Michael Balfour (Stall-holder); Michael Medwin (Reporter); Jon Pertwee (Circus Superintendent); David Paige (Hubert Lane); Norman Pierce (Police Sergeant); Eve Mortimer (Postmistress); John Poew (Glazier); Mary Vallange (Maid); Peter Butterworth (Postman); Donald Clive (Ethel’s boyfriend); John Warren (2nd Circus official); Alan Goford (1st Circus official); Basil Gordon (3rd Circus official); Claude Bonsor (4th Circus official); Ivan Craig (1st Carter); John Martell (2nd Carter); Pinkie Hannaford (Small boy); Ruth Hulme-Smith (1st Glamour Girl); Elvira Fordyce (2nd Glamour Girl); Pat Guerney (3rd Glamour Girl); Mimi Robinson (4th Glamour Girl); Lorna Parnell (5th Glamour Girl); Jumble (Jumble the Dog); Marquis (Marky the Chimp)

Uncredited Cast

Edward Malin (Toy Shop Man); Slim Rhyder (Tramp Cyclist); Arthur Stanley (Oldest Inhabitant); Patricia Ross (Penny)

Written and Directed by Val Guest

John R. Sloan (Producer); Robert Farnon (Original Music/ Conductor); Bert Mason (Cinematography); Carmen Beliaeff (Film Editing); Nora Roberts (Casting); Harry Moore (Art Direction); Patricia Watson (Costume Design); Doris Porter (Hair Stylist); Freddie Williamson (Makeup Artist); Parry Davies (Production Manager); George Fowler (First Assistant Director); Norman Priggen (Second Assistant Director); Terry Webster (Assistant Art Director); George Burgess (Sound Director); Cecil Mason (Sound Recordist); John Souter (Sound Camera Operator); Fred Tomlin (Boom Operator); Richard Cantouris (Still Photographer); John Lyons (Focus Puller); Ken Talbot (Camera Operator); Olive Swinney (Wardrobe Supervisor); Philip Wrestler (Assistant Editor); David Coplan (Presented by); Renee Glynne (Continuity); Trevor Hill (Animal Trainer: Jumble the Dog); Myra Osborn (Production Secretary); Frank Shaw (Publicist); A.R.Shipman (Presented by)

Filmed at Twickenham Film Studios

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