Just William (1940 film)

Released 20 July 1940

72 minutes

Directed by Graham Cutts

Written by Graham Cutts, Doreen Montgomery and Ireland Wood


Dicky Lupino (William Brown); Fred Emney (Mr. Brown); Basil Radford (Mr. Sidway); Amy Veness (Mrs. Bott); Iris Hoey (Mrs. Brown); Roddy McDowell (Ginger); Norman Robinson (Douglas); Peter Miles (Henry); David Tree (Marmaduke Bott); Jenny Laird (Ethel Brown); Simon Lack (Robert Brown); Aubrey Mather (Fletcher); Eric Searle (Marmaduke Sidway)

Uncredited Cast

Eliot Makeham (Man in Sweet Shop); Marjorie Rhodes (Cook); Jack Vyvian (Policeman)


Walter C. Mycroft (Producer); Walter J. Harvey (Cinematography); E.B. Jarvis (Film Editing); Cedric Dawe (Art Direction)

Associated British Picture Corporation

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