Just William (2010 Series)

Regular Cast

Daniel Roche (William Brown); Daniel Ryan (Mr. Brown); Rebecca Front (Mrs. Brown); Lily James (Ethel Brown); Harry Melling (Robert Brown); Isabella Blake-Thomas (Violet Elizabeth Bott); Warren Clarke (Mr. Bott); Caroline Quentin (Mrs. Bott); Jordan Grehs (Ginger); Edward Piercy (Douglas); Lottie Bell (Dorinda); Robert A Foster (Henry); Denis Lawson (Headmaster); John Sessions (Mr Welbecker); Roy Hudd (Bob); Martin Jarvis (Narrator)
1. The Sweet Little Girl in White by Simon Nye (broadcast 28 December 2010)
2. Parrots For Ethel by Simon Nye (broadcast 29 December 2010)

3. The School Report by Simon Nye (broadcast 30 December 2010)

4. William Holds the Stage by Simon Nye (broadcast 31 December 2010)



Paul Seed (Director)


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